Styling a multi-purposed event hall


When creating this space, I wanted it to feel open and airy but provide a warmth too. I love a mix of old and new, so for the wall color, I chose white to stay modern and clean. That, mixed with the contrast of the original heart pine floors, makes this space inviting. The table was had crafted from the heart pine that had been in the house since the early 1900's. I picked an art piece that we bought on the streets of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, to add a pop of color to the white walls. I added a vintage inspired rounded mirror to add depth to the hallway, and kept everything else very minimal. Adding too much in a space to me makes things feel too cluttered, so I tried to not over do it.


In our writing room, I chose a dark color for the walls to make it feel more moody. A traditional leather chair, combined with a vintage velvet couch is a great combination, again of old and new. Jewel tones are my favorite for an artist space to feel inspired. 

Home DecorCaitlin Carroll